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Wholesalers/Distributors & Manufacturers

Saral Paper Corp. depends on Wholesalers/Distributors and Manufacturers to get Saral products to consumers.

For Wholesalers/Distributors: Saral would like to supply you with Saral Transfer Paper for the retail stores you serve.

Additionally, we would like to establish a link from our website to yours, so retailers who would like to order from you can easily find you.

Saral participates in Wholesaler/Distributor promotions such as "back to school" with liberal discounts on all our products.

Saral also offers liberal allowances to defray Wholesaler/Distributor catalog costs when listing Saral Transfer Paper Products. We offer, at no cost, high quality black & white line art and color art of all Saral products for use in catalogs and advertisements.

If you are a Manufacturer or Wholesaler who would like to establish a relationship with Saral Paper Corp., contact:

Michael Lamley

By Phone: (631) 563-1100
By Fax: (212) 223-8111
By Email:

Or Write:

Saral Paper Corp.
P.O. Box 30340
Phoenix, AZ 85046

For Manufacturers: Consider Saral Wax Free Transfer Paper for inclusion in your kits or for use in your manufacturing process. We can custom make Saral Transfer Paper in any size you might need.

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